Bacteria and virus cleaning: How to sanitise surfaces

Germs lurk on every surface that we frequently touch. From door handles and light switches to kitchen counters and benchtops, we’re potentially exposed to countless bacteria and virus particles each day. 

While hand washing and practising good personal hygiene are critical lines of defense against illness, we should not neglect to clean and disinfect areas that can carry the germs that make us sick. 

Cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting is often a multistep process that requires several products, but with Viro Surface Cleaner, you can do it all in one. As a powerful detergent and hospital-grade disinfectant that’s effective even in dirty conditions, it’s your first line of defence against bacteria and viruses.

Remember to always read the label.



How long do germs last on surfaces?

Some bacteria and viruses can live for several days outside the human body. Typically, pathogen-laden droplets remain active for longer on hard surfaces, like stainless steel and plastic, than on fabrics. This is why cleaning and disinfecting your high touch surfaces is so important. 

Think of how often you interact with your kitchen countertop when preparing food or how frequently you handle the remote control for your TV. Harmful bacteria like salmonella can survive for several hours on hard surfaces, while common cold viruses can remain present for a whole week

While it isn’t completely certain how long COVID-19 lasts on surfaces, studies suggest that, like many coronaviruses, it can persist for several days. To protect your home, wiping down your high-contact areas with a wet or dry cloth simply isn’t enough (and may be spreading germs further). 

Diligent hand-washing, effective cleaning and appropriate disinfection can together increase your protection against bacteria and viruses – like COVID-19.


How Viro Surface Cleaner works

By combining a powerful detergent to remove dirt and impurities with a potent disinfectant that kills disease-causing microorganisms, Viro Surface Cleaner takes care of the cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting process using just one product. 

This unique solution allows Viro Surface Cleaner to first lift larger particles from a soiled surface, if needed. With a clean area that’s free of muck and ground-on stains, the disinfectant in Viro Surface Cleaner can most effectively get to work removing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses*.

Although Viro Surface Cleaner is a hospital-grade disinfectant, it contains no harsh chemicals or alcohols. This makes it ideal for food prep areas! Its water-based formula achieves every step in the cleaning and sanitising process, while also being readily biodegradable and therefore kinder on the environment.

*Coronavirus (incl. SARS-CoV-2), vaccinia viruses



How to use Viro Surface Cleaner

Don’t forget to always read the label on any household sanitising product. Some pathogens require you to follow the two-step cleaning and disinfecting process – removing any stains and grime with Viro Surface Cleaner before disinfecting. Others require you to only disinfect, without any pre-cleaning at all!

Use Viro Surface cleaner undiluted for routine cleaning and disinfecting on hard surfaces. 



Remember: There’s no need to rinse an area that you’ve cleaned or disinfected with Viro Surface Cleaner. Because it contains no harsh chemicals, you don’t need to wear any PPE (such as masks or gloves) when using it.

Organism Conditions Contact time
Gram positive / negative bacteria Clean and dirty 5 min
Yeasts Clean and dirty 15 min
Coronavirus (incl. COVID-19) Clean and dirty 5 min
Vaccinia virus Clean 5 min

Switch to Viro Surface Cleaner today and see the all-in-one difference.