Diggers Paint Cleanup is a Must-Have for Home Renovations

As rewarding as home renovations are, they can also be stressful. Diggers Paint Cleanup gives you one reason to stress less. Whether you are simply giving your wall trimmings a fresh coat or repainting the whole house, any painting project should include Diggers Paint Cleanup. Here are some reasons why Paint Cleanup is a must-have for when you are undergoing home renovations.

Helps make your painting tools last longer

Renovating your house is not cheap. You can save money by using Digger’s Paint Cleanup to clean your paint brushes, rollers and paint pads after use. It works just as effectively on both oil based and water based paints. Plus, Diggers Paint Cleanup will condition your brushes, leaving them soft and supple for your next project.

Removes paint from hard surfaces and carpet

No matter how careful you are when painting, covering furniture and carefully placing down brushes in the same safe spot, somehow a little bit of paint always ends up where you don’t want it to be. If you spot some paint on your brand new marble kitchen top, or even on your clean white carpet, don’t panic, just use Diggers Paint Cleanup to clean up fresh paint spills on a variety of surfaces and textiles.

Removes paint from clothes

Most people know to paint in old clothes they no longer want but if for whatever reason you end up with fresh paint on your favourite shirt, Diggers Paint Cleanup can clean paint from all kinds of textiles.

Low odour for more pleasant use

Diggers Paint Cleanup is low odour so if you are painting a family home, have pets, are sensitive to strong smells, or just want a more pleasant experience using indoors, then there are no strong chemical odours during or after use.

Easy to use

When using Diggers Paint Cleanup follow the instructions on the label. Different surfaces may require different methods of cleaning to successfully remove paint. When cleaning any surface start by doing a spot test.

Diggers Paint Cleanup

Diggers Paint Cleanup is a must-have product for your painting projects.

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