How To Clean Your Car Engine

Whether you’re looking to prep your car for sale or you’re just tired of the unsightly image of a greasy engine, a few simple steps and a little bit of Diggers Degreasing Fluid is all it takes to make your motor as shiny as it was when you first bought it.

Here is a simple guide to cleaning your car engine properly.

Prepare your engine for cleaning

Before you give it some Diggers Degreasing Fluid and lay in the elbow grease, remove any debris trapped in grill or vent openings with a small hand brush.

Cover engine components

After you’ve removed any hidden debris, it’s time to prepare the engine for the real cleaning stage. To do this, you need to cover the distributor, exposed wiring, sensors, and spark plug openings with an appropriate cover source. Plastic baggies work well to cover vulnerable components and all you need is a little bit of tape to help it stick.

Give it some Diggers!

This is where the fun begins. Thoroughly spray the entire engine compartment with Diggers Degreasing Fluid. If your car engine is just a tad dirty, let the degreaser soak for about three minutes. If it’s very dirty, let it soak for just over five minutes as it needs more time to loosen built-up grease. Don’t hold back – every inch should be covered!

If there are heavy deposits of grease, use a parts brush as this will allow you to reach all parts of the engine. If there is only light to moderate buildup, a brush won’t be necessary.

Rinse your engine

The easiest way to dry your engine is to simply wipe everything you can reach with a towel or rag. This will help remove any excess grime. The warmth of the car engine will also assist in the drying process.

Once the engine is dry, you’re free to remove the plastic baggies that you covered your engine components with!

Remember, if your car engine is ever facing a greasy dilemma, just give it some Diggers!