How to remove the toughest stains and rust around the home

How many times have you accidentally spilled some water onto your tools or metal appliances and left them for a little too long? Perhaps oil stains have made their way onto your clothing after a long day in the garage. When left alone, these types of heavy stains inevitably leave rust marks or stains that aren’t just unsightly – they can cause long-term damage. 

Fortunately, Diggers Rust and Stain Cleaner has you covered. It’s time to take on the toughest stains and rust around the home! 

What can I use Diggers Rust and Stain Cleaner for?

Diggers Rust and Stain Cleaner is a biodegradable product that effectively removes rust marks and stains from a range of different surfaces. 

  • Remove rust from kitchens, appliances, tools and plumbing fixtures
  • Remove stains, like fuel, blood, and grease
  • Clean heavy-duty timber and masonry 
  • Rejuvenate tired or aged timber
  • Bleach textiles

NOTE: The solution should be used over an entire surface, to avoid creating bleached patches. Do not use on painted surfaces. Protect surrounding metal surfaces, paintwork, and plants with plastic sheeting, or wet first and hose off immediately after use. 

wet golden padlock attached to a rusted lock

How to remove rust from hard surfaces

There are countless spots around the home where rust can develop. These are areas that we often neglect to pay attention to, allowing moisture to build up and sit. If left unmanaged, the resulting surface rust can worsen and cause deterioration around your home.

Regardless of which non-porous surfaces you need to reinvigorate, all it takes is some water and Diggers! 

Application for hard surfaces: 

  1. Wet the desired surface thoroughly with water.  
  2. Dissolve 100g of Diggers Rust & Stain Cleaner in 1L of cold water. 
  3. Brush the solution vigorously over the surface stain, and sit for 5 minutes (do not let the surface dry completely).
  4. Rinse and wipe thoroughly with water. 

Don’t forget: Put safety first

It’s important to keep this product away from sources of ignition, such as power tools and open flames. If you’re using this product inside, remember to consider appropriate ventilation.

If you’re planning to clean electronic appliances, ensure that the appliance is turned off and the solution doesn’t come into contact with internal wires or electrical components. 

Male holding up a white stained shirt

Don’t forget: Dress to get the job done right

No matter where you’re working and regardless of the weather or time of day, it’s always important to wear protective clothing. Before you begin using Diggers Rust and Stain Cleaner, put on suitable protective clothing, gloves, and face protection.

Diggers Rust and Stain Cleaner is a must-have for every homeowner.

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