DIGGERS™ Gripcrete

DIGGERS™ Gripcrete is a proven, powerful and versatile multi-purpose bonding and sealing agent. When used straight from the container it is a very strong ready-to-use wood glue.


  • Joinery, rendering and plastering, bedding mortars for roof tiles, sealing internal brickwork and fixing tiles and grouting
  • As cement paint and general adhesive for carpentry and craft work


  • Extensively used in the renovation and building markets
  • Highly concentrated – can be diluted for many applications
  • Dries clear and non-staining
  • Non-toxic
  • Increases tensile strength of cement mixes
  • Reduces oil penetration on concrete floors
  • Eliminates need for hacking (sparrow picking), chipping and acid etching
  • Can be used on most building materials

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