This budget buster is every dad’s dream multi-purpose cleaner

There’s a reason that Diggers Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner is Australia’s favourite one-stop solution for household cleaning. Forget relying on five or more separate cleaning products to get a job done – just this one is enough!

Find out what makes Diggers Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner every dad’s dream cleaner.


Glass and windows

Removing grime and buffing up glass is easy with Diggers Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner. Simply spray the glass with the solution and wipe it with a lint-free cloth! Because it’s made from methylated spirits, surfaces dry fast with no streaks or residue – meaning you can clean as you go.



Are you moving house? Perhaps you’re undertaking a renovation. Either way, we know how scuff marks on floors just seem to magically appear. 

Eradicate them! Simply spray some Diggers Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner onto the floor and wipe with a clean, lint-free cloth or a damp mop.

It doesn’t matter whether your floor is timber or tiling, our MPSC will clean and disinfect simultaneously. It’s a one wipe job!


Office desks

While it can be hard to dedicate time to cleaning your office desk, it’s as important as any other household space. If you’re overdue for a desk clean, it’s time to give it some Diggers.

To clean and disinfect your desk, and any other nearby surfaces, simply spray on some Diggers Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner and wipe with a clean, lint-free cloth.



When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, Diggers Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner is your saviour. Use it to clean shower tiles, remove soap scum, and even polish mirrors.

Another great reason to use Diggers Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner in your bathroom is that it only takes one spray to deodorise the room with a gorgeous natural aroma. The product comes in two scents: Lavender and Vanilla.



Everyone knows that one of the most dreaded household cleaning jobs is the kitchen – especially if the fridge needs a thorough clean through.

Diggers Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner will have your fridge sparkling and disinfected in no time. It kills 99.9% of germs, so it’s also ideal for cleaning kitchen benchtops, prepping spaces, cutting boards, and stainless steel sinks.


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