Can you guess Australia’s favourite surface cleaning agent?

Almost one year ago, Diggers Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner became a hot topic online as a group of cleaning-conscious mothers took to Facebook to proclaim their amazement at the product. One year on and the famed super cleaning agent is still making waves, with it now riding the approval of featured guests on A Current Affair.

Here’s a recap on what makes our Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner Australia’s favourite surface cleaner!

It can be used on almost any surface!

What makes Diggers Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner unique is its versatility!
Whether you’re installing a new sink or navigating through a renovation, scuff marks and grease spots are a familiar sight. Eradicate this unsightly image and simply spray some Diggers multi-purpose surface cleaner onto the surface and wipe with a clean, lint-free cloth.

It doesn’t matter whether you need to clean glass, ceramic, or tiled flooring, our multi-purpose surface cleaner will clean and disinfect simultaneously, resulting in a seamless job. Porous or non-porous, Diggers has you covered!

It’s cheap!

Instead of purchasing a bunch of items for specific purposes, why not reduce the load and cost and stick to one, effective item? That’s where Diggers Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner comes in.

Available in a convenient 500ml pump pack and 1L refill bottles from only $4.80 and $6, Diggers Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a bargain item that will last you an eternity! It’s a cost-effective solution that will keep the weight and stress off your shoulders.

It’s fast, effective and it works!

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much elbow grease you put in, it’s all about the product you use to make your surfaces sparkle! With Diggers Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner, all you need is a couple of sprays and a quick wipe with a clean lint-free cloth and you’re done. As the product is made from methylated spirits, surfaces dry fast with no streaks or residue at all, meaning you can clean as you go.

It eradicates odours

Another reason Diggers Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner is so popular is that it only takes one spray to fill the room with a gorgeous aroma. The product comes in two scents: Lavender and Vanilla. No matter your aromatic preference, Diggers has you sorted.

Where to buy:

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500ml pump pack: Prices start at $4.80

1L refill bottle: Prices start at $6.00

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