Choosing the right Linseed Timber Oil

How to choose the right DIGGERS™ Linseed Timber Oil for your project.

Applying Timber Oil to your deck, fences, outdoor &/or indoor furniture and cabinets will help to seal and protect the timber, making it last longer when regularly maintained. However, in order to achieve the best results, it’s important to choose the right timber oil suitable for the job and it’s desired purpose.

To help you decide on the best Linseed Timber Oil to use from the DIGGERS™ range, here is a run-down of their specs and typical uses:

Timber Oil Raw Concentrate:

This raw concentrate oil is a 100% natural raw linseed oil. It can be mixed with DIGGERS™ Mineral Turpentine (50:50 ratio) to seal and protect outdoor furniture, fences, gazebos and unfinished wooden cricket bats. It leaves a light stain on pale woods and creates a protective film on the timber that is generally impervious to water, heat, scratches and most stains.

DIGGERS™ Raw Linseed Timber Oil Outdoor


Timber Oil Pale Boiled Linseed:

This timber oil from the DIGGERS™ range has added drying agents, making it a quicker dry than the Timber Oil Raw Concentrate. It will also dry lighter than the Raw Concentrate.

It can be mixed with DIGGERS™ Mineral Turpentine (50:50 ratio) and is great for sealing and protecting indoor furniture, cabinets and timber handles. It can also be used to thin oil paints.

DIGGERS™ Pale Boiled Quicker Dry Linseed Timber Oil Tool Handle


Ready To Use Timber Oil:

DIGGERS™ ready to use Timber Linseed Oil is a great low-cost option that does not require any mixing with other products. This timber oil is mould, mildew and water resistant and is great for sealing and protecting decks, fences and retaining walls, even letterboxes, especially in humid or moisture rich environments.

It reduces the greying effect of timber, darkens porous woods considerably and will produce a warm, golden tone on pine and maple.

DIGGERS™ Anti Mould formulation Linseed Timber Oil on letterbox

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DIGGERS™ Linseed Timber Oil range is available at all good Hardware Stores.