Cleaning hacks with Methylated Spirits

5 cleaning hacks with DIGGERS™ Methylated Spirits

Did you know that Methylated Spirits can be used in many cleaning applications around the home?

It’s such a versatile solvent!

Jess @_prettyliving has put it to the test and details her top 5 cleaning hacks:

  1. Mould:
    DIGGERS™ Methylated Spirits is a must-have product for cleaning mould! Simply add 4 parts Methylated Spirits to 1 part water in a spray bottle, spray onto the affected area/s, leave to sit for a few minutes and then wipe off with a damp cloth.
    To prevent mould, use as a surface spray and wipe clean with a microfibre cloth.


  1. Odours:
    To remove nasty odours and disinfect shoes or areas around your home add some DIGGERS™ Methylated Spirits to a spray bottle, spray the affect area/s and then leave to dry.

DIGGERS™Methylated for shoe odours

  1. Glass and mirrors:
    When diluted with water (50:50 ratio) DIGGERS™ Methylated Spirits is both an effective and cost-friendly product for cleaning glass and mirrors without leaving streaks.
    A great little hack is to use it in a spray mop for easy window cleaning. This is especially handy for tall windows or hard to reach spots.

DIGGERS™Methylated for cleaning glass and windows

  1. Tiles:
    For streak-free cleaning, add some DIGGERS™ Methylated Spirits and water to a mop bucket or spray mop to clean and disinfect floor and wall tiles.


  1. Upholstery: Want to clean a mark off the sofa or rug without needing an upholstery cleaner? Add a little DIGGERS™ Methylated Spirits to a cloth and rub onto the stain until removed. As this product dries quickly, your sofa or rug will be ready to use again within just a few minutes.
    Please note: when using on upholstery it is important to always do a spot test first.


Thanks Jess @_prettyliving for your hacks, your house is super clean and disinfected now!

Check out the video!

Cleaning hacks with DIGGERS™ Methylated Spirits

DIGGERS™ Methylated spirits is available at all good Hardware Stores