Clean your walls with DIGGERS™ Wall Cleanup!

DIGGERS™ Wall Cleanup 

Jess at @_prettyliving tried the DIGGERS™ Wall Cleanup at home with fantastic results! See just how easy it is to clean your walls with DIGGERS™ Wall Cleanup as she explains below.


When spending time indoors, it doesn’t take much for the walls to start looking dirty, especially when there are young kids or pets in the home.


Thankfully DIGGERS™ have made the task of cleaning walls super easy with DIGGERS™ Wall Cleanup. This product will not only remove common marks like those from grubby hands but will also remove stubborn scuff marks, pen and even crayon with a simple spray and wipe start over! 

Applying Diggers wall cleanup to crayon stained wall

1. Spray the affected areas with DIGGERS™ Wall Cleanup

Diggers Wall Cleanup cleaning crayon off walls

2. Wipe the surface clean with a microfibre cloth

Diggers Wall Cleanup has cleaned the wall

3. Leave to dry. No need to rinse the surface. Enjoy your clean wall!

The best part is that it won’t leave a residue! 


DIGGERS™ Wall Cleanup is also great for cleaning marks off furniture and removing marker from whiteboards without damaging the surface! 


This is hands-down an absolute favourite and most used cleaning product in my home.  A great product to always have on hand when needed for freshening up a space. 

Its available at Bunnings