Clean your pathways with DIGGERS™ Driveway Cleanup – no pressure hose needed!

DIGGERS™ Driveway Cleanup

Jess from @_prettyliving recently cleaned her pathway and shed floor with DIGGERS™ Driveway Cleanup and an outdoor broom.

She writes of her experience:
Australia’s weather conditions along with with regular foot or vehicle traffic can lead to driveways, pavers/pathways becoming quite dirty and discolored over time. Not to worry, with the help of DIGGERS™ Driveway Cleanup you can get them back looking fresh again in no time without the need of a pressure cleaner! DIGGERS™ Driveway Cleanup is super easy to use, the formula can be used to remove grease & dirt from concrete to moss & algae from pathways. The best part, it’s acid and caustic free, so it’s kinder on the environment.