How to clean and polish your deck in 3 easy steps

Spring has officially sprung and now is the perfect time to get your deck ready for the warmer months ahead.

Return your deck to its former glory by using these three Diggers products:

Once you are armed with the right products, cleaning your deck can be done in three easy steps.

1. Clean your deck with Diggers Timber Cleaner.

Before you begin your clean, clear away items such as furniture and pot plants. Anything that is too heavy to move should be covered with plastic sheeting.

Use a long-handled broom or brush to remove cobwebs, dirt and debris from the deck. Then, wearing gloves and eye protection, dilute 1 part Diggers Timber Cleaner to 4 parts water.

Next, wet the deck surface with water and scrub your solution onto the timber with
a scrubbing brush, allowing 10-20 minutes maximum for your solution to penetrate the soiled timber surface. Do not leave the Diggers Timber Cleaner on for too long as this can cause the timber to become “furry”.

Finish by rinsing off your deck with fresh water. At this stage your timber deck will be nice and clean, but not yet ready for the finishing touches. Always allow 24-48 hours to dry before painting or staining.

2. Seal and protect your deck with quality Linseed Oil.

To seal your outdoor timber deck, it’s best to work with a 100% natural product like Diggers Raw Linseed Oil, as it creates a finish that is generally impervious to water, heat, scratches and most stains.

After cleaning your deck and allowing it to dry, mix Diggers Raw Linseed Oil 50:50 with Diggers Mineral Turpentine for increased timber protection. Next, apply two coats of the solution with a brush or roller. As Diggers Raw Linseed Oil is the longest drying Linseed Oil, it should be applied in very thin coats and rubbed well into the wood.

Remember to allow drying time between coats and to clean excess oil away with a clean, lint-free cloth to avoid your surface drying sticky.

For extra protection against mould

If you live in a damp or humid climate, there is a high risk of mould growing on your freshly-cleaned deck over Summer. Thankfully, our Diggers Anti-Mould Linseed Oil can provide mould and mildew resistance.

To use Diggers Anti-Mould Linseed Oil for extra deck protection, coat the solution onto your clean timber surface with a brush or roller. Drying times always depend on weather conditions, but as a guideline allow approximately 24 hours between coats.

As per standard practice, wipe away excess oil with a clean, lint free cloth to avoid heavy build up or your surface drying sticky.

3. Polish your outdoor timber furniture using Diggers Sprayable Linseed Oil.

Once you’ve cleaned and sealed your deck, it’s time to get your outdoor timber furniture ready for Summer alfresco entertaining.

Diggers Sprayable Linseed Oil comes in a handy aerosol can for fine or delicate applications, making it the perfect choice for timber tables, chairs, benches, and garden furniture. Always start the application process by performing a spot test.

To apply:

  • Ensure surface to be treated is clean and dry.
  • Shake can before use.
  • Spray 15-20cm from surface.
  • Ensure spray nozzle is pointed at surface area.
  • Spray evenly over entire surface that requires treatment. Keep can upright at all times.
  • Allow 30 minutes between coats, longer on cold days.
  • To prevent clogging, turn the can upside down and press spray nozzle for 3-4 seconds.
  • Clean up any excess with a clean lint free cloth to prevent the surface from drying sticky.

If you plan on entertaining this Summer, get your deck ready using:

Diggers Timber Cleaner

Diggers Timber Cleaner

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Diggers Anti-Mould Linseed Oil

Diggers Anti-Mould Linseed Oil

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Diggers Raw Linseed Oil

Diggers Raw Linseed Oil

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Diggers Sprayable Linseed Oil

Diggers Sprayable Linseed Oil

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