How to Clean Up After Painting

After a long day of painting, your workspace can end up looking like a warzone with splashes and splatters of paint everywhere. With a little bit of elbow grease and Diggers Paint Cleanup your space will be clean in no time. Here is a ‘How to’ on cleaning up after painting.

Clean up fresh paint spills

You’ll notice when you finish painting that often there are small spills and spatters that somehow manage to find their way onto undesired surfaces. Often people ignore these small blemishes, imagining they won’t make much of a difference. However, fresh paint spills can easily be removed, giving your paint job a much cleaner finish. All you need to do is use some Diggers Paint Cleanup on a damp cloth and wipe it away.

Limit your mess to limit the clean up

You can fast track your clean up by making less mess. It might sound obvious but taking some precautionary steps at the start of your paint job will make all the difference at the end.

  • Cover the floor with a drop cloth. This prevents paint leaking onto the floor and is also a good spot to keep all painting equipment. If you do experience a leak, don’t worry. You can remove fresh paint from floor tiles or even carpets quickly and easily using Diggers Paint Cleanup.
  • Use painter’s tape. This will help you ensure you have clean straight edges where the paint job stops and starts. When you remove the painter’s tape, pull the tape off at a 45-degree angle away from the wall. This avoids removing any fresh paint.
  • Wear old clothes so you won’t have to worry about paint stains. However, if you do need to remove a fresh paint splatter from clothing, Diggers Paint Cleanup will do the trick.

Clean your equipment

Paint brushes, rollers and other painting tools can last multiple paint jobs if you take proper care of them. Be sure to clean your equipment after use with Diggers Paint Cleanup. Paint Cleanup is a highly effective cleaner for both oil-based and water-based paints. It will also condition your brushes, leaving them in their prime condition for your next paint job. This will save you money in the long run, as you will not need to buy new equipment every time you start a paint project.

Dispose of paint in an eco-friendly way

Now that you are done painting, it’s time to take care of the leftover paint. A dilemma many people face is how to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. We recommend looking for a paint recycling facility or council disposal in your local area.

Remember if there is clean up to be done after a paint job, just give it some Diggers.

Diggers Paint Cleanup

Diggers Paint Cleanup is a must-have product for your painting projects.

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