Meet the team – Dave

Dave Taylor

As the Sales Account Manager for Victoria and Tasmania, Dave works to meet our clients’ needs by optimising the range of Diggers products they carry. He also resolves any queries they may have and delivers a great customer experience that’s built on genuine relationships. 

What do you love about working at Diggers? 

My favourite part is meeting new people and visiting clients – just talking with them and developing great relationships. I find that by having real conversations and exchanging real stories, I assist Diggers in maintaining relevance. To me, sales is all about the people: they want to buy, but they don’t want to be sold to.

What’s your favourite Diggers product? 

Definitely Diggers Glue Rid. No competitor in the market has anything similar and it really does work! A lot of people don’t know about this product, even if they’ve worked in the industry for a long time. While many people use sanders to get rid of stubborn glue residue, it wrecks your equipment. Glue Rid saves a lot of money and effort.

When did you start at Diggers? 

I joined the team in 1982 when a mate of mine was a manager. He asked me to help him out in the warehouse for just six weeks. When those six weeks were up, he asked me to stay as a Warehouse Leading Hand for six months – after which I moved up to Warehouse Manager. From there, I became Operations Manager before moving into sales for a new challenge – which has certainly kept me busy since then.

What has kept you at Diggers for such a long period?

I value the work culture at Diggers. A lot of my role is autonomous and involves using my initiative to find new opportunities. However, the support is also always there from the wider sales team and management when I need it. We also have a great pipeline of incredible innovations, and it’s exciting to talk to clients about these new products.

What advantages allow Diggers to stay ahead of the competition? 

The Diggers brand itself has a lot of value in the industry. Clients and consumers alike know it as a trusted and quality brand that makes products that work. We also have a diverse range that’s only strengthening as we launch new innovations.

What’s your stand-out personal achievement while working at Diggers?

I think it’s that I’ve been able to get along so well with everyone. Both internally and with our client base, I’ve built so many rock-solid relationships. The only client that I ever found didn’t like me at first, I’ve since fostered a really good relationship with. They’re now one of our biggest clients in Victoria!

What do you enjoy in your spare time

While I don’t have a lot of it, I do enjoy working out at my home gym, as well as running and biking on the weekend. I’m also a professional soccer referee and referee games in three separate leagues. That always keeps me busy on weekends.