How to maintain your timber deck and furniture

How to maintain your timber deck and furniture

The deck is the pride and joy of an Australian home. It’s at the centre of so many memorable moments – from a peaceful cup of tea at sunrise to a raucous barbeque with mates in the evening. 

If you’re a novice when it comes to caring for timber, or you’re noticing that your deck or furniture is greying or growing mould, here’s how to treat it to bring it back to life! 

Clean your deck and furniture

As a natural product, weather can deteriorate your timber deck and outdoor furniture over time. Properly cleaning every 6-12 months “exfoliates” the timber, which allows restorative oils to penetrate and protect it. Remember: Wear gloves and eyewear when cleaning your timber. 

  1. Sand away any paint, varnish or other finish from the timber surface. Frequent cleaning and oiling will mean that you won’t have to sand your deck often.
  2. Remove everything from your deck (such as plants and tables) and any textiles from your furniture. 
  3. Sweep excess dirt or leaves from your deck and wipe down dust from your furniture.
  4. Mix one part Diggers Timber Cleaner with four parts water and scrub the solution onto your timber with a thick brush. 
  5. Leave the solution for 10-20 minutes, before thoroughly washing or wiping away with water. Do not leave any longer, as this could cause timber to become “furry”. 
  6. Wait for 24 hours for the timber to dry before oiling.

What oil is best for timber decking and furniture?

Extracted from flaxseed, linseed oil is an eco-friendly, natural and cost-effective alternative to expensive timber treatments. It penetrates deeply into the porous wood grain to fill the pores. As it is exposed to the air, it gels to form a protective finish. This is why the Diggers Timber Oil range is based on Linseed Oil formulations.

Oil your deck and furniture

Oiling your timber every 6-12 months defends against UV rays that can cause deterioration and discolouration. A good oil seals your timber against water, heat, scratches and staining. This doesn’t just enhance its natural colours, it increases its lifespan too. Remember: Wear gloves and eyewear when oiling your timber. 

Ready To Use
Timber OilAnti-Mould Formulation
Raw Concentrate
Timber Oil 100% Natural Linseed Oil
Quicker Dry Concentrate
Timber Oil Pale Boiled Linseed Oil
  • Ideal for outdoor decking
  • Special anti-mould formula
  • Requires no mixing (ready to use)
  • Ideal for outdoor furniture
  • 100% pure linseed oil
  • Light stain
  • Ideal for indoor furniture
  • Fast-drying formula
  • Very light stain


  1. Mix linseed oil with mineral turpentine at a 50:50 ratio (Raw Concentrate and Quicker Dry Concentrate Timber Oils only)
  2. Apply two very thin coats with a brush, roller or spray gun.
  3. Allow the oil time to dry between coats – at least:
    1. 24 hours for Ready To Use Timber Oil
    2. 48 hours for Raw Concentrate Timber Oil
    3. 12 hours for Quicker Dry Concentrate Timber Oil
  4. Clean excess oil with a clean, lint-free cloth.

Note: Soak rags in water, as spontaneous ignition may occur on drying. Dispose of rags by controlled incineration or at an approved landfill.

For outdoor decking…

Decks don’t just bear the brunt of Australia’s harsh sunlight, they also endure our high humidity too. Diggers Ready To Use Timber Oil – Anti-Mould Formulation is designed to provide additional defence against mould and mildew, while sealing and protecting your deck.

As a ready-to-use product, it’s easy to apply, requiring no mixing. It reduces the greying effect of timber while rejuvenating its appearance. 

For outdoor furniture…

Like your decking, your outdoor timber chairs and tables are also exposed to the elements, which means they need particular care. Diggers Raw Concentrate Timber Oil – 100% Natural Raw Linseed Oil nourishes and protects dry and worn timber.

Because it is a pure linseed oil, it does have a longer drying time (up to two days) and does require mixing with mineral turpentine to allow it to penetrate deeply into the timber. 

For indoor furniture…

While indoor furniture may not experience the same weathering as timber that lives outdoors, it still needs maintenance to keep its vibrant colour and safeguard against wear and tear. Diggers Quicker Dry Concentrate Timber Oil – Pale Boiled Linseed Oil seals and protects with a faster drying time.

As a boiled linseed oil with added drying agents, it takes only a few hours to dry (rather than a few days).


Properly maintaining timber means that it can keep its rich colours and natural appearance for years to come. It will also save you money in the long run, reducing the likelihood that you’ll need to undertake costly restorations.