Meet the team – Karen

Karen Edwards

Karen services many of our key accounts across Australia and New Zealand, ensuring that all departments within each company receive relevant information and contact to optimise business. She builds critical relationships that determine whether we can grow with a client by offering technical assistance and innovative ideas.

She also has a passion for music and her positivity is contagious around the office. 

What do you love about working at Diggers? 

All the diversity and unique personalities I deal with every day keep the role engaging. I’ve developed relationships where I feel more like I’m dealing with friends than customers. Each phone call and email can take me into unanticipated directions, which makes every day exciting.

What’s your favourite Diggers product? 

Moonlighting as a part-time cleaner (at home on the weekends), I love Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner. It’s so versatile and the great fragrances keep our house smelling clean. During the week, the chef in me always reaches for Viro Surface Cleaner, because I haven’t got time for multiple products in the kitchen.

When did you start at Diggers? 

I started in June 2017. I’d only had one day in the office before I was thrown straight into the annual National Sales Conference for a whole week. I felt like a fish out of water because I didn’t know anyone! Luckily, everyone was so kind and easy to get on with. Being thrown in the deep end became a surprisingly warm welcome into the Diggers team.

What has changed during your time at Diggers and how has it benefited clients? 

We currently have a strong pipeline of new product introductions and we’re looking at more environmentally friendly alternatives in line with consumers’ demands.

What advantages allow Diggers to stay ahead of the competition? 

As a business, we’re always looking at what the market wants by utilising our strong relationships with clients – discussing their needs and wants, both present and future.

What influenced your decision to work at Diggers?

I’ve always been excited by a challenge. Moving into a different market area from my previous work experience brought a lot of fun professional avenues to explore.

What’s your stand-out personal achievement while working at Diggers?

Becoming National Key Account Manager. I’ve been dedicated to maintaining and growing good communication channels with clients. Listening to and servicing each client for their specific business needs allowed me to achieve beyond my expectations.

What do you enjoy in your spare time

Music is my passion. It never fails to get me into a feel-good mood. I can’t sing, so it’s fortunate that I often have the house to myself while my husband is out dealing with the yard jobs. His power tools drown out my voice!