Water Based Products

Regardless of the DIY project, there’s a water based cleaning product to help you finish your project with a great result. Use heavy duty degreaser to remove stubborn grease and grime. Use water based product on materials like glass and china to remove fingerprints and scratches.

Diggers Green Power All Purpose Cleaner

Diggers Green Power Driveway Cleanup

Diggers Green Power Graffiti Remover

Diggers Green Power Wall Cleanup

Diggers Paint Cleanup

Viro Surface Cleaner

Diggers Viro Surface Cleaner

Diggers Water Based Degreaser

Diggers Water Based Turps

Our paint brush cleaning products are safe, biodegradable and very effective. Surface Cleaner can be used on all surfaces and as an added bonus, it conditions equipment – leaving bristles soft and in great shape for your next project!

And our new range of Green Power products are a little bit green with a whole lotta mean. Designed for those wanting to lower their use of harsh chemicals while getting a great finish.