Diggers Paint Cleanup

Paint Cleanup made easy.

Diggers Paint Cleanup cleans paint brushes, rollers and paint pads after painting, removing both oil and water based paints. As an added bonus, it conditions equipment – leaving bristles soft and in great shape for your next project! It can also be used to clean fresh paint spills from hard surfaces and textiles.


  • Paintbrushes, rollers and paint pads.
  • Hard surfaces.*
  • Textiles.**
  • Carpet.**

Paint Cleanup works most effectively on fresh paint spills. Not suitable for thinning paint. For thinning oil based paint, use Diggers Mineral Turpentine and follow paint manufacturer’s instructions. Note: This product will not break down paint residues. Please dispose of remaining paint residues responsibly.

*Use neat from bottle rather than remains from cleaning brushes. **Spot test a small area for colour fastness.


  • Low Odour
  • Non-flammable
  • Biodegradable
  • Water Based

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