How to prep a wall for painting with DIGGERS™ Wall Cleanup

How to prep a wall for painting with DIGGERS™ Wall Cleanup

By Jess @_prettyliving

Adding a fresh coat of paint to a room or wall is a great way to revive a space or turn a plain wall into a feature. However before you get the roller and brushes out, it is important to first prepare the wall for painting with a good clean.

Whilst it may be tempting to just paint over any dirt or grime that might be present on your walls, these marks can often bleed through the paint, making them still visible after painting. As a result this can ruin the finish. In some cases oily marks or grime can also prevent new paint from properly adhering to the wall. This can lead to an uneven coverage or, in more severe cases, pealing of the new coat of paint. For this reason prepping a wall for painting is an important first step to prevent further work later and with DIGGERS™ Wall Cleanup it is very easy.

To clean the wall:

  1. Pour DIGGERS™ Wall Cleanup into a spray mop. There is no need to dilute it as this product is ready-to-use. If you do not have a spray mop, skip to step 2.
    Digger wall cleanup pouring into spray mop
  2. Spray the wall using the spray mop or directly from the bottle, working in small sections at a time.
    spraying diggers wall cleanup onto wall with spray mop
  3. Wipe the wall clean using the mop or a microfibre cloth. For stubborn marks, repeat as needed.
    wipe wall using wall mop
  4. Once completed, leave the wall to dry. DIGGERS™ Wall Cleanup will not leave a residue so there is no need to rinse.

DIGGERS™ Wall Cleanup cleans stains from walls without damaging the paintwork. It is non toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable and virtually odourless making it pleasant to use.

After following these easy steps above, your wall is now clean and ready for painting.


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