Painting project cleanup with DIGGERS™ Water Based Turps

Painting project cleanup with DIGGERS™ Water Based Turps

By Jess @prettyliving

Projects that involve painting can be a lot of fun, however, whether you are refreshing a room, up-cycling a piece of furniture or doing some art, the aftermath is often dreaded. That is when it’s time to clean those brushes, rollers or even paint spills!

Thankfully, DIGGERS™ have made the task simple with Water Based Turps.

This product works at removing both oil and water based wet paint from your brushes, paint pads and rollers and it is an eco alternative to Mineral Turpentine. It has a low odour, making it a lot more pleasant to use over other products and it is also biodegradable.

Cleaning and conditioning brushes and rollers with DIGGERS™ Water Based Turps is easy,

Follow these steps:

  1. Pour DIGGERS™ Water Based Turps into a bucket or container.
    Diggers Water Based Turps puring into bucket
  2. Squeeze out any excess paint from your brush or roller using an old towel or cloth.
  3. Dip the brush/roller into the container and swish around to remove the paint from them.
    Diggers Water Based Turps on table cleaning paint brushes
  4. Rinse the brush/roller in some strong soapy water.
    Diggers Water Based Turps cleaning paint brushes
  5. Dry using a clean cloth or towel.

DIGGERS™ Water Based Turps can also be used to clean fresh paint spills from hard surfaces, textiles and carpet. (It is always recommended to do a small test-patch first.)

To use for cleaning up fresh paint spills:

  1. Soak up as much paint as possible by dabbing an old towel/cloth onto the spill – do not rub in
  2. Pour or spray a small amount of DIGGERS™ Water Based Turps onto the spill
  3. Soak up the remaining spill by dabbing a clean towel or cloth onto it.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until the spill is fully removed.

DIGGERS™ Water Based Turps is a must-have product for all your painting projects. With its ease of use, paint cleanup no longer needs to be a dreaded task.


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