Protect your timber from mould and mildew

Protect your timber from mould and mildew with DIGGERS™

By Jess @prettyliving

Timber decks, fences and retaining walls have been popular for many years as they are an easy & affordable way to transform or retain a space while adding value to your home. With proper care, a timber deck, fence or retaining wall requires minimal repair and maintenance and can last for many years.

So, let’s talk about that “proper care”. One of the biggest factors that contributes to the premature weathering of a timber deck, fence or retaining wall is water. As most are exposed to year-round weather conditions, humidity and rainfall can quickly damage and cause mould and mildew issues to the timber if it is not protected.

DIGGERS™ have provided an easy solution to this with their Anti-mould Linseed Timber oil. This ready-to-use timber oil not only seals and protects the timber, creating a resistance against water, but it has an anti-mould formulation meaning it also provides a resistance against mould and mildew.

DIGGERS™ ready-to-use Timber oil (anti mould formulation) is easy to apply and does not require any mixing with other products.

To use:

  1. Prep the timber with a good clean to remove any grease, dirt or dust and then leave to dry. If the timber has a previous coat of oil, stain or paint, sand it back to raw timber – this will allow the timber oil to soak in.
  2. Pour the ready-to-use timber oil into a bucket or tray.
    DIGGERS anti mould linseed timber oil
  3. Using a roller or brush, apply the timber oil onto timber. Clean any excess oil with a lint-free cloth to avoid the surface drying sticky.
  4. Leave to completely dry before use or contact with water.To continue enjoying your timber deck, fence or retaining wall for many years, it is important to regularly maintain them by re-applying DIGGERS™ anti-mould formulation Timber Oil as it is needed.

NOTE: Soak used rags or cloth in water after use to prevent spontaneous combustion. Dispose of rags or cloth by controlled incineration or approved land fill.


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