Make paint cleanup easy with DIGGERS™ Paint Cleanup

Make paint cleanup easy with DIGGERS™ Paint Cleanup

By Jess @_prettyliving

When preparing for a new painting project it’s important to also be prepared for the quick cleanup of any accidental spills that may occur and the immediate cleanup of brushes and rollers after painting to protect and keep them in good condition for your next project.

The cleanup during and after painting may seem like a daunting task, but thankfully DIGGERS™ have made it easy with Paint Cleanup.

Here are some ways it can be used to help make cleanup a breeze:

Paint Cleanup on Paint spills

Sometimes accidents happen and wet paint is spilled or splattered elsewhere during painting. DIGGERS™ Paint Cleanup can be used to clean wet paint off hard surfaces, textiles and carpet; simply pour a little of the Paint Cleanup onto a clean cloth and dab/wipe it over the affected area until all the paint has been soaked up into the cloth. For textiles and carpet be sure to spot test a small area first for colour fastness.

Paint Cleanup for Brushes, rollers and roller pads

After painting, DIGGERS™ Paint Cleanup can be used to clean oil-based and water-based paints from your brushes, rollers and roller pads. The Paint Cleanup will also condition your brushes, leaving the bristles soft for their next use.

To clean brushes, remove excess paint with an old cloth or rag, pour the Paint Cleanup into a small container and place the brushes into the solution leaving them to soak for a few minutes. Once the paint has separated, remove the brushes from the solution and rinse clean with water.

Tools and equipment

DIGGERS™ Paint Cleanup can also be used to remove oil and grease and from tools and equipment. To clean, pour a little onto a cloth and wipe over the affected area until clean.


And the best part? It can be used on wet oil and water based paints.

Reach for the DIGGERS™ Paint Cleanup for your next painting project.



Available at Bunnings, Mitre 10 and all good hardware stores